Thursday, April 26, 2012

Question 786: ishStyle Posters

Bollywood finally catches up with the minimalist poster trend


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Question: 785 Divide and Drool

__X__ was a special Military Intelligence service of the Argentine Army whose structure was set up in the late 1970s, active in the Dirty War and Operation Condor, and disbanded in 2000. Its personnel collected information on and infiltrated Guerrilla groups and Human RIghts organisations, and coordinated killings, kidnappings and other abuses.

The Peruvian government is known to have collaborated with members of the group in the kidnapping, torture and disappearance of a group of Montoneros living in exile in Lima in June 1980.

On 1 January 2010, President Cristina Fernandez of Argentina ordered that documents pertaining to __X__be declassified.

The __X__ reported directly to __Y__, who was, at that time, the President of Argentina.
In April 1982, after __Y__ had been in office for four months and with his popularity low, Argentine forces invaded the lightly defended__Z___, administered by the UK and a long-standing Argentine territorial claim.

 In Argentina the invasion was enormously popular, and the anti-junta demonstrations were replaced by patriotic demonstrations in support of __Y__.

__Y__, and most of his government, thought that the United Kingdom would never respond militarily and even in the worst case scenario the United States would not interfere after the support given by the Junta to the CIA in its exploits in Nicaragua. However, after diplomatic pressure and negotiations led nowhere, the UK government, led by the Margaret Thatcher, decided to re-take __Z__, and deployed naval task forces to do so. Despite the numerical and geographic advantages held by Argentina, the superior training and technology of the British armed forces ensured British victory in the _Z__ within two months

Id X, Y and Z.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What NEXT?

Question 4

_____X_____ graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1969 and while in the med school he wrote novels under the pseudonym of John Lange and Jeffery Hudson. He also co authored novels under the name Michael Douglas. His first novel under his real name was "The Great train Robbery" in 1975. He also wrote Electronic Life, a book on BASIC Programming.

ID _____X______.

IITM OPEN QUIZ, don't miss it.

Alright Suraj Nair(who was once a co-author of this blog), I've put it up.

For info, follow this link.

And this.
Yeah, be there if you can.

To summarise,

Date : 8 Jan, 2012
Time:  1:30 PM
Venue : Students Activities' Center, IIT Madras

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On 27th August,1979 a boat explosion in Donegal, killed 4 people. Baroness Braboune,Nicholas Knatchbull & Paul Maxwell.Thomas Mc Mahon was sentenced to life in prison for this act.Who was the 4th person killed?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



In 2011____X____ launched a "Last dictators" advert.The 60-second commercial shows a sad Robert Mugabe dining alone at Christmas in a large mansion while he reminisces about "happier times" with former dictators, such as playing water tag with Muammar Gaddafi, making snow angels in the sand with Saddam Hussein, singing Karaoke with Mao Zedong, pushing P. W. Botha on a swing set, and riding a tank with Idi Amin while the music from "Those Were the Days" is being played.

ID _____X_____.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Question 781:

At the height of the dot-com boom,CNBC invented a gimmick called the briefcase indicator,in which cameras would follow____X____ on the mornings of the Federal Open Market Committee meetings as ____X____ arrived at the FED.If the briefcase was thin one theory was that his mind was untroubled and the economy was well, but if it was stuffed, a rate rate hike loomed.

ID _____X_____.

Question 780: XOXO

The __X___ name first appeared in November 2005 on the message board "Darkside_RG". In November 2007, he removed all of his work from a popular site, citing harassment and inadequate protection as the reason (according to Delhi cops, this might have been because of the way he dressed, lol)
But he made his triumphant return with "I AM Legend" (hence this was chosen as my comeback question).
MIrrors was his 1000th work and On April 19, 2009 __X__made his last known comment on Message Board "Darkside_RG", in response to rumors that he had stopped posting on Darkside_RG. He states: "I can only say a big thank you for your appreciation mates, hope you all enjoy the darkside as much as you can My home is my beloved Darkside and as I've said so many times before on each of my ____... Be aware of bogus sites and lamers See ya."

X's return

Our return, minus the suit, tie, scotch, attitude and Nihar  Siddarth

Guess Who's BAck?

Look what the good doctor just ordered, Dr. Frankenstein that is.
So for all those of you who didn't miss The QUizzard, We shall make sure that you do crave for the long passive lulls we've had these past few months

SO ladies, ok who am i kidding
So gentlemen, LEt us QUiz In Our PAnts

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Q 779: Blue is the Colour

Pierre Culliford was better known as _____, his Pseudonym. _____ was assumed as his pseudonym based on his English cousin's mispronunciation of "Pierre".

He had a Belgian mother and an English father, and soon got into cartooning, if you can call it that way.
He went on to create a series called Johan and Peewit, which is based in the middle ages, where Johan protects the meek on his trusty horse while Peewit gallops behind on his goat.

But the aforementioned work of genius wasn't what ____ was known for.

__X__ went on to create ___Y___, which shot to fame in damned quick time. A new series altogether was started for __Y__, and, even today, is popular in England, Germany, France, etc,etc.
__Y__ was once in a restaurant, and he momentarily forgot the word for "Salt", __Y__ asked the waiter to pass him the "Schroumpf" in French.
A joke ensued and they talked in "Schroumpf" language for the next two weeks.
The rest is history.

Id X and Y.