Saturday, December 3, 2011

Q 779: Blue is the Colour

Pierre Culliford was better known as _____, his Pseudonym. _____ was assumed as his pseudonym based on his English cousin's mispronunciation of "Pierre".

He had a Belgian mother and an English father, and soon got into cartooning, if you can call it that way.
He went on to create a series called Johan and Peewit, which is based in the middle ages, where Johan protects the meek on his trusty horse while Peewit gallops behind on his goat.

But the aforementioned work of genius wasn't what ____ was known for.

__X__ went on to create ___Y___, which shot to fame in damned quick time. A new series altogether was started for __Y__, and, even today, is popular in England, Germany, France, etc,etc.
__Y__ was once in a restaurant, and he momentarily forgot the word for "Salt", __Y__ asked the waiter to pass him the "Schroumpf" in French.
A joke ensued and they talked in "Schroumpf" language for the next two weeks.
The rest is history.

Id X and Y.