Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Question 545: Hum Logo Samaj Sako to, question answer karo

If that made any sense whatsoever in any language, my skills have definitely improved

Onward ho to the logo.
(the words in dark are part of the logo)

The original logo of ___X___ was part of a quote from  Euclid and his Modern Rivals by Lewis Carroll; due to the the logo's nature, only part of the text can be read.

In one respect this book is an experiment, and may chance to prove a failure: I mean that I have not thought it necessary to maintain throughout the gravity of style which scientific writers usually affect, and which has somehow come to be regarded as an ‘inseparable accident’ of scientific teaching. I never could quite see the reasonableness of this immemorial law: subjects there are, no doubt, which are in their essence too serious to admit of any lightness of treatment – but I cannot recognise Geometry as one of them. Nevertheless it will, I trust, be found that I have permitted myself a glimpse of the comic side of things only at fitting seasons, when the tired reader might well crave a moment’s breathing-space, and not on any occasion where it could endanger the continuity of the line of argument.

The second logo included the following quote (in bold), taken from Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan, Part I, Chapter VI:

Desire to know why, and how, curiosity; such as is in no living creature but man: so that man is distinguished, not only by his reason, but also by this singular passion from other animals; in whom the appetite of food, and other pleasures of sense, by predominance, take away the care of knowing causes; which is a lust of the mind, that by a perseverance of delight in the continual and indefatigable generation of knowledge, exceedeth the short vehemence of any carnal pleasure. 

Just leaving you with  small piece as a clue to guide you to the logo.

So lady and gents 
ok who are we kidding, just gents,
1) Logo Peechano.
2) How does the clue figure in the answer
Also, if you want me to stop speaking Hindi, leave a comment.

Question 544: On the Pav Droll

I really couldn't resist posting this one!
Quite obviously a parody.
Have fun!! XD

Id X and Y ! :D