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The Quizzard (General introduction)

Where Curiosity Killed The Fact.
Run by The Whys Guys, Nihar and Siddarth Pai
Where people come for the questions, but stay for the chatbox.
Short introduction into The Quizzard, where we post questions on a tableaux of topics, from technology to themes, from history to Hustler, from biographies to battlefields and from everyone to everything in between.
Monthly theme rounds and weekly polls, from Nihar's 'where' to Pai's hair,we to aim broach and broaden
For any updates,follow the blog

The logo of The Quizzard was designed by a Graphics Designer based in Dubai called Anjana. The evolution of the logo can be found under this post Logo. The entire process itself took close to about a month, with her patiently bearing with my Pai's idiosyncracies and Nihar's idiocy (and vice versa as well,lol). 
Anjana can be contacted for any graphic designing work via the quizzard email id, (check the contact page for details).

Wikipedia Article
(by Nihar)

  1. History


The Quizzard was started by Nihar Jagadish in the November of 2009. New to the Blogosphere, the blog had a tiny audience. Well, that's how all blogs start. It started with a buzz of excitement, and a flurry of questions. But not many answering them. But the blog continued, and finally registered on Yes, it paid off. The Blog has a marginal increase in visitors. But still, it was an improvement.
Nihar did have a co author or two, but they moved on, as they had other commitments.
The Blog didn't give up. 
The Standard of questions on the blog were not too hard, making them answerable to a larger group of people.
The Quizzard did see a sharp increase in mid 2010, a mark of its increasing popularity(on a small scale) 

Nihar was the only prominent author till this point of time.
The Quizzard was in the ascendency, when its  next notable author, Siddarth Pai,
joined in.

The Quizzard has held a number of Theme Rounds, with the concept of a Red Herring, and has seen its most successful spell , December 2010 onwards.


Nihar: A normal human being, for first impressions. Lives in Bangalore.
Sane, Cynical, Sarcastic, Mean, Intimidating, Supercilious, Lazy, Active, Witty when he wants to be, and a true Blue.
Conceived the idea of the whole Quizzard thing, of which you might have heard.
He is proud to be your Co-Tormentor-in-Chief.

Siddarth Pai: Not quite that normal, again, on first sight. Lives in Bangalore.
Insane, Cynical, Sarcastic, Mean, Intimidating, Supercilious, Lazy, Active, and would love to make you go Blue.
Showed a great deal of interest in this Quizzard thing, and has settled remarkably.
He too, is proud to be your Co-Tormentor-in-Chief

Now for the Uncyclopedia article
(by Siddarth Pai)

The Quizzard

This Article is about the Quizzard. In case you misspelled Wizard, here is a link Wizard. In case you were searching for a Quizzing Wizard, use the internet more wisely, if not your time.

Logo by Anjana
" No matter how bad life gets, look at the people on The Quizzard and realize, that life can be so much worse".
~ 16:53, February 3, 2011 (UTC)Blaster 275 [Blaster 275] on The Quizzard

" The Quizzard: Come for the Questions, stay for the ChatBox".
~ Siddarth Pai on The Quizzard

"The Quizzard: The internet is no longer for porn ".
~ Nihar Jagadish (supposedly plagiarized from Siddarth Pai) on "The Quizzard"

“The intellect is not a serious thing, and never has been. It is an instrument on which one plays, that is all.”


The Quizzard
 is a blog started by two misanthropes called Nihar Jagadish and Siddarth Pai who wanted to prove their intellectual imperiousness by showing the rest of the world how intellectually sterile they were (they 'they' referring either to themselves or the world, the debate still rages on). Still in its stages of infancy, this upright moral mandarin aims to be the "Wkipedia of Quizzing", something no doubt only two highly jobless individuals who gush over why Winston Churchill chose to wipe his arse with The Times instead of the Sun would be capable of reproducing (that and nothing else). Which basically is the essence of quizzing itself.

Supposed logo of The Quizzard

·       1 History
·       4 Staus D'oh
·       5 Site
dit History sectionEditHistory

Suspected manner in which they may both die
After being suitably frustrated throughout their school lives in any quizzing event as they always seemed to miss qualification by one point or by their team mate (a case of bad dancer blames dance floor?), they went their separate ways until the blight of the blog spread throughout the world. Nihar saw this as an admirable opportunity to show to the world why he should be 'El Quizze, numero uno" and thus started The Quizzard, a site where frustrated quizzers could please themselves in any way they deemed appropriate. The response, no surprises here, was unnoticed. After about a year of badgering Siddarth Pai (or Pai as he's known, aka Sir Smirk-a-lot), who was amongst the few who answered, joined the blog, thus beginning an endearing partnership which somehow still manages to endure, and exasperate all.
With Smirk Pai came a out of questions which stands testament to the fact that normal people do not indulge in quizzing activities, or visit quiz blogs for a very wise reason. His arrogance was not an antithesis to Nihar's apathy, but together, they seemed to constitute half a decent human being. After being involved in many a sober brawl with characters who are unable to grasp the English language(they may not yet have evolved opposable thumbs, according to him), the blog began to soar in popularity. Cashing in on this phenom, he invited himself to become an author on the blog, posing both questions and a moral hazard. After he joined, the attendance rose, leading to their creedo "Join the Dork Side- We have P(a)I". And thus the nerds of the world united, having lost all their dignity already, and their virginity to either their right hand, left hand or toilet seat (yes, one admitted to it).
Together, they helped developed a porn site which substitued women with words
Thus in The Quizzard, all the social outcasts (the ones with glasses at least) found camaraderie, solidarity, comfort, and a distraction from hentai porn. And oh, some quiz questions.

dit The Otters (or Authors) sectionEditThe Otters (or Authors)
Nihar Jagadish: The brainchild of the entire 'The Quizzard" project goes to Nihar Jagadish, whose picture cannot be put up here for the sake of human decency, but since this is Uncyclopaedia, who cares. Needless to say, that the birth of this brainchild was parthenogenesis (no girl would ever help out in this immaculate conception). A supposedly sound chap, save for the fact that he owns a quiz blog, supports Chelsea FC and is associated with Siddarth Pai, he has no vice, and hence seeks no advice.He is the ying to Pai, the wang. Keeps to himself and his blog, a decent chap to admire (or maybe im being too romantic, so observe)... from afar.
Nihar, Duke of Dork. (dog in the picture just to distract you. SO GET DISTRACTED

Siddarth Pai: Poster boy for any condom commercial, under the title "This is what happens if you don't use our product", this abomination unto humanity has an afro where many a young critter has met its untimely demise, and a smirk which can make anyone anorexic. If looks could kill, he would win the Nobel Peace Prize. There is still furious debate whether his recruitment to the site will cause its deification or defecation, but the answer blowing in the wind, which he seems to be providing. Full of hot air, one wonders if he is a real person or meret a John D'oh. By no means a decent chap, approach with caution, for he is too clever by half and too condescending by the other. He's the wit to his own twit, and is supposedly full of bullshit (citation and certification needed)
Picture of Siddarth Pai after he "quizzed in his pants?", or a weird fetish perhaps.

dit Creedo of the Weirdo sectionEditCreedo of the Weirdo
The Site, when mooting mottos came up with the following which they put to vote, to let democracy decide under what lunacy should they wave their banner.
Nihar's Inputs:
1) Born Quiz-xotic (explains the parthenogenesis)
2) Curiosity killed the fact (perhaps he meant cat, but could be dyslexic or just stupid)
3) As you know, so you weep (isn't it supposed to be the opposite)
4) The eighth wonder of the world ( contending with the Grand Canyon, King Kong, etc etc)
5) Think before you leap (....... no comment)

Siddarth Pai's Inputs
1) Coz i quizzed in my pants ( thank goodness he didn't mention on seeing what)
2) Comfortably dumb ( truer words were never spoken)
3) Cogito Ergo Dum ( preaching to the choir)
4) Quiz qui Quomodo (fluent in pig latin apparently)
5) The Whys Guys (^@^^%^$%$&$&$ his damn puns)

dit Staus D'oh sectionEditStaus D'oh
The current status quo of the site is 
  • That it has more widgets than if Jimmy Wales wrote 'The Lord of The Rings" (oh no, even I'm Pai-soned)
  •  Is punctuated by smirks, 
  • is a PUNishment in more ways than one ( so many blasted puns),
  • Has a chatbox which is more fun than pouring through the blog itself.
  • Stalked by an altitudinally abbreviated person (she doesn't like being called that, or little person, or midget. But she does enjoy being patted on the head if you feed her a cookie with it).
  • Provides regular theme rounds, and information on subjects which no one thought ever existed, and then realize why they didn't care about its existence in the first place.

    But all in all, provides decent entertainment or a place to visit if contemplating suicide, to show that your life, no matter how bad, is infinitely better than theirs.
    Also, is actually a quiz blog. Nerds have taken over the internet, or wait, wasn't that how it started off in the first place?
dit Site sectionEditSite
For all your nerd needs, and dork desires. And quiz questions, if you can find them.
[The Quizzard (if you dare)]

Note: This article is meant to be purely fictional and derogatory in manner, any references to people alive or dead is purely co-incidental, anyone not mentioned in this should be grateful, any mentioned in this should be ignored



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