Friday, March 11, 2011

Question 561: This is cool-three-syllable-surname, asshole

The comic book character ___X___, primarily created by Moore, was intended to look a whole lot like the singer/actor ___Y___ in the movies Quadrophenia and Brimstone & Treacle. He was such a strikingly amoral and unattached introduction into the continuum that he got a life of his own through a new title series, the longest continuously-running one by the publishing imprint.

I can haz comic-book character??

__X__ is notorious for losing all of his close friends; even acquaintances meet gruesome endings through mere association with him. He is loosely based on Faust (who made the infamous "deal" with the devil), and ___Z___, whose name high"lights" all Halloween celebrations even today.

A personal favorite of many comic enthusiasts, he is part of the most realistic setting in the comic multiverse. Moore even claims to have "met" him in reality, twice. But in the continuum, he is said to be one of the few who portended the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He's worked with many of the occult in the multiverse, including Phantom Stranger and Zatanna; having brushed coats with Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and a whole lot of others.

Oh yea, he's had a movie (thoroughly skewed storyline, they even got the wrong country but still enjoyably made) named after him.

"I'm not crazy, I really met him - he said any c**t could do it"

Give me X for 5 points (Y and Z will fall in immediately, for 2 each). 10 for all 3.