Sunday, July 3, 2011

Question 687: Beezlebubbly isn't she

Namesake of the novel, the __X__, is a pig's head that has been cut off by Jack, put on a stick sharpened at both ends, stuck in the ground, and left as an offering to the "beast". Created out of fear, the __X__ used to be a mother sow who, though at one time clean, loving, and innocent, has now become a manically smiling, bleeding image of horror. Near the end of the book, while Ralph is being hunted down, he strikes this twice in one moment of blind anger, causing it to crack and fall on the ground with a grin "now six feet across" This transformation parallels the transformation that Jack and the boys have undergone during their time in the island. The name "__X__" is a literal English translation of Beelzebub, a demonic figure that is often considered synonymous with Satan.

Question 686: D'uh My God

THe __X__ is a traditional device bought out every year during this time by the British tabloids, specifically the Sun who claimed to have invented it. Over the years, it has widely believed to become an indispensable tool in the arena, the latest use of which happened yesterday. Not much is know about this (a Wiki article doesn't even exist), but the __X__ has is a talking point of the said annual event in England.