Friday, June 24, 2011

Question 678: Hail King Creole

On March 24, 1958 ___X__ accompanied by his parents and a group of family and friends, reported to the Memphis Draft Board. From there, he and twelve other recruits were bused to Kennedy Veterans Memorial Hospital. There, ___X__was assigned army serial number 53 310 761. After being processed and sworn in,__X___ said his good-byes and was bused with the others from Memphis to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas for further processing. There, he received his famous G.I. haircut and coined the phrase 'Hair today, gone tomorrow', in a comment to the news media. He was assigned to the Second Armored Division's 'Hell On Wheels' unit (formerly led by General George Patton) and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

Inspite of the fact that there was no war, the army navy and air force vied to get __X__'s attention to join them.