Friday, April 22, 2011

Question 604: In Russia No More

__X__ is now ubiquitous, but way back in the mid-throes of the last century, this four kilogram plywood-enforced hybrid had one simple design principle - there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Borrowing heavily from its predecessors, its popularity soared after demonstrations by its proponents.

In a decade, it soon became Russia's biggest export; after suicidal novelists, caviar and vodka. It would work in all environments, and proved to be so reliable that even children use it today.

A patent on its manufacture was only approved in 1999, but __X__ is so much in demand that it is now almost impossible to clamp down on all unlicensed production. __X__ has made its way onto a nation's flag, and another's coin. Its cultural relevance has made it stand out as both a freedom fighter's symbol as well as a general "sticking it to the Man" symbol. It has its own museum, inaugurated in 2004 as Russia's homage to it.

Not related to X, but couldn't resist.

Name __X__.

Question 603: Gaiagantic Problem

Something very much in tune with current happenings!

This is a poster.
I don't think i need to quote what it says.

I just need you to give me the occasion it's connected with.