Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Question 570: The Girls and I Head This Way

ID each of the characters in the pictures for a point each. No points for the 3rd one.
7 points for the binding connect. The connect is NOT that they're all on movies or TV or something that general.

Question 569: Yes We Mccann

A very late question (a month old i guess), but i just found out about it and im posting it on both blogs
The Quizzard & Another Blog in The Wall.

This is an excerpt of an episode from CSI, im not going to tell you when it was aired. 
It features the return of a very popular character, the synopsis is as such.

The character ___X___, played by ___Y___, is a troubled teen worried about his brother.

It begins with __Y__ warning Stokes not to enter his house as it may be booby trapped (the irony of this phrase chosen will come to light when you crack the question). Stokes enters either ways, finds out that its a bomb, gets extracted by CSI squad, & is grateful to __Y__.

Although Stokes tries to interrogate __Y__ about the attempted house bombing, the teen remains tight-lipped about who the perpetrator is, and he's eventually picked up by his legal guardian. Soon after, the CSIs pay a visit to  __Y__'s guardian, only to find him dead inside his work warehouse. Unfortunately, beneath his dead body is a device that traps Stokes and his team inside the building as a bomb surrounded by lasers ticks away.

Greg and Sara find a surveillance video of  __Y__ buying bomb-making supplies with an accomplice: Timothy Johnson, an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist who was dishonorably discharged from the Army several years ago. Nick realizes that  __Y__ has been playing him, and Sara points out that he, Catherine and Vartann were the ones who killed  __Y__s brother—and they were the ones trapped in the booby-trapped building. Nick and Greg work to track  __Y__ by calling his cellphone, and they are able to locate his general area. The cops set up a roadblock and stop the van containing  __Y__ and Johnson as they try to escape to California. Johnson would rather give up than die, but Jason has other ideas. 

He yells that Johnson has a bomb on his body, and during the momentary confusion, __Y__ pulls out a gun and shoots one of the cops . Nick and the others return fire, killing __Y__ in a hail of bullets, as his corpse floats like a feather before gracing the sweet ground.

SImply ID X & Y.
The reason why this became famous will immediately come to light then

Y(can't tineye this, you should get it though)