Friday, April 29, 2011

Question 616: Crushed in the Nick of time.

TIME Magazine.
a)Who is that?
b)What's in his hand, that I've sorta blemished?

Question 615: Armageddon out of Here

Connect the 3 to a single entity.
#brownie points for how they connect as well.

1) This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Question 614: XOXO

In France, the Cross of Lorraine is the symbol of the Free French Forces of World War II, the liberation of France from Nazi Germany, and Gaullism and includes several variations of a two barred cross. The bars are supposed to be equally spaced as can be seen on most images relating to the Free French Forces, though variations are common.

However, rather apocryphally, this can be termed as a possible derivation of what famous term?
Don't be cross with me once you find the answer

Question 613: Born in the USA

Sitter for the day, since its been some time since we've had a proper sitter.
Been in current affairs, id who this belongs to

Certified as born in the USA

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question 612: Oil the Bricycle

A sketch that seems to be the plan or design of something.
I need you to identify who drew this up, and the cause for it(or in context) to appear in our everyday lives> Not everybody's everyday life,
but I allude to a jobless few.

Anyway, here're the pics.

Question 611: Wonder if They Had Torrentz?

Local belief is that the name of __X__ was actually given by Christopher Columbus, who called it the "land of the turtle", subsequent locals would be guffawing at the irony of it though. But in reality, Columbus had actually named the island Santa Ana, but the Dutch then poached the island (a precursor to its more prurient present no doubt), and named it Ter Holen, after a Dutch Island.

As in any colony of the 1600s, slave trading began to run the plantations, but was quickly stopped as the slaves began to take over the island. This was the beginning of the debauchery which catapulted __X__ into fame, far before __Y__ ever did.

In 1640, a union of sorts was formed, consisting of French, English and Dutch "gentlemen", with close to two thousand women being "imported" to __X__ in an effort to bring about some comfort and discipline in the lives of these dear gentlemen.

All this is a brief history which was documented more, uh, "flamboyantly" by __Y__.

1) ID X
2) ID Y/ the union of these gentlemen.

& for all you tineyers and people who say TLDR,
enjoy this picture.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question 610: Double Trouble Cauldron Bubble

Identify their claim to fame, and who was the person who catapulted them into the spotlight.
What they're holding is what catapulted them to fame.

Question 609: Thats One Spicy Meatball

The recipe for __X__, created by __Y__, is as follows:

"This fire is made by the following arts. From the pine and the certain such evergreen trees inflammable resin is collected. This is rubbed with sulphur and put into tubes of reed, and is blown by men using it with violent and continuous breath. Then in this manner it meets the fire on the tip and catches light and falls like a fiery whirlwind on the faces of the enemies."

The characteristics of __X__, according to mythology is as follows:
  • It burned on water, and, according to some interpretations, was ignited by water. In addition, as numerous writers testify, it could be extinguished only by a few substances, such as sand, which deprived it of oxygen, strong vinegar, or old urine, presumably by some sort of chemical reaction.
  • It was a liquid substance, and not some sort of projectile, as verified both by descriptions and the very name "liquid fire".
  • At sea, it was usually ejected from siphons, although earthenware pots or grenades filled with it or similar substances were also used.
  • The discharge of __X___ was accompanied by "thunder" and "much smoke"
An attempt was even conceived to recreate the mechanisms necessary to produce and propagate __X__.

__X__ is believed to have lent __Y__ the ability to maintain military supremacy and ensure it survival, including the salvation of its capital.

X being used by Y

1) ID X
2) ID Y

Monday, April 25, 2011

Question 608: On the Move

A slightly unconventional connect, and that's all I suppose I can say.
Very workable. But I have to use the too often used phrase, Think Out of the Box.


Question 607: Meme-brains

Its time to get narcissistic again (aka meme time, if you think that joke is bad, you should see the memes,lol)

Logo Of? Smirk

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Question 606: This is the END

Identify what these  two semaphores convey?

Change your name if you don't crack it!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Question 605: Mersey-nery

A few pictures that represent one of the worst Sporting accidents.
Well, actually, it's a sitter for any football fan!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Question 604: In Russia No More

__X__ is now ubiquitous, but way back in the mid-throes of the last century, this four kilogram plywood-enforced hybrid had one simple design principle - there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Borrowing heavily from its predecessors, its popularity soared after demonstrations by its proponents.

In a decade, it soon became Russia's biggest export; after suicidal novelists, caviar and vodka. It would work in all environments, and proved to be so reliable that even children use it today.

A patent on its manufacture was only approved in 1999, but __X__ is so much in demand that it is now almost impossible to clamp down on all unlicensed production. __X__ has made its way onto a nation's flag, and another's coin. Its cultural relevance has made it stand out as both a freedom fighter's symbol as well as a general "sticking it to the Man" symbol. It has its own museum, inaugurated in 2004 as Russia's homage to it.

Not related to X, but couldn't resist.

Name __X__.

Question 603: Gaiagantic Problem

Something very much in tune with current happenings!

This is a poster.
I don't think i need to quote what it says.

I just need you to give me the occasion it's connected with.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Something New?

Okay. the theme was a major flop!
We'll get back to normalcy by tomorrow, the regular questions.
Thank heavens!


Theme 11: Answers

602 a: Heracles, Hippolyta, Hera

602 b: Jeff Bezos

602 c: She  Hulk, Absorbing man, Titania

602 d: Helena of Troy

602 e: Quince

602 f: Luther's 95 These(u)s

602 g: FirePuck

602 h: Cobweb, Peasleblossom, Mustardseed, Moth( Fairies)

Connect; Characters from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Cracked by Pi R Square, Nagaratna

Red Herring; Jeff Bezos :P

Cracked by the same people!

Theme 10 Answers: Liquidity

Theme Connect:

"Companies Named After Rivers"

Theme Cracked by:

1) Nagaratna - Question 3
2) Pi.R.Square - QUestion 3.

Red Herring: Samsung.

1) Pi.R.Square
2) Nagaratna

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Question 602 h: Droolsome Foursome

Another throughly lame question.
We'll come up with something better soon, fret not!

Anyway, get this over with!
Connect, I beg of you.

Question 601.h: Another (Phone) Brick In the Wall

ID the man making the call and the company which manufactured the phone. After this occasion, the company rose to prominence
#brownie points for the Phone's Name.

Just a Reminder

I'm not sure when this happened, but I did notice that the comments appeared in a full page form. I'm as puzzled as anyone, given that it's been a while since I answered a question on my own blog!


Hope that makes things a tad easier.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Question 602 g: ...__ Will make Amends

What's talked about?
Be specific.

The origin of the word _____________ is obscure. The Oxford Dictionary suggests the name is related to the verb poke used in the game of hurling for striking or pushing the ball.
It is possible that Halifax natives, many of whom were Irish and played  hurling, may have introduced the word to Canada. The first known printed reference was in Montreal, in 1867, just a year after the first indoor game was played there.

The X
Well, essentially, all the blanks allude to X!
The use of the _______________in the early 1990s was the first attempt to improve the visibility of hockey pucks as seen on television. This invention incorporated coloured retro reflective materials of either embedded lens elements or prismatic reflectors laminated into recesses on the flat surfaces and the vertical edge of a standard hockey ____. Yellow was the preferred reflected colour. A spotlight was required to be positioned on the TV camera and focused at the centre of the viewing area.
A short demonstration tape of the Minnesota North Stars skating with the _______ was shown during the period break at the 1993 National Hockey League All Star game in Montreal, Canada. The International Hockey League (IHL) pursued testing the __________ with its inventor, Donald Klassen. The next television viewing was the IHL All star game in Fort Wayne IN, Jan 1994, where the__________ was used the entire game. The IHL tested the ________ in two more games, and finally the East Coast Hockey League used it Jan 17, 1997 for their All Star game.
The use of the________ was discontinued because:
  • The slight structural change increased the tendency for the ----- to bounce on the ice. This made it more difficult for the goaltender and resulted in increased scoring.
  • The skaters objected to the use of camera spotlights which reflected off the ice.
  • The television viewing contrast of the ______- was not noticeably enhanced when the camera view was of the entire rink, this being the most common camera shot.
The _____________ name was branded during the 90s but has since been discontinued.

Question 601.g: Smell of Napalm in the Morning

The basic premise of the project was to create a weapon capable of shooting a jet of flame high and wide enough to force incoming bomber pilots to either pull out of their dive or brave a pillar of flame potentially capable of damaging or destroying their plane.

The most effective was a design submitted by the __X__ car company, which fired eight gallons of a diesel oil/tar fuel mixture per second, igniting to produce a continuous gout of flame with a range of nearly 100 feet (30 m), which at its widest point was roughly 30 feet (10 m) in diameter. According to Gerald Pawle, an engineer working on the project, the __X__ flamethrower universally inspired both awe and horror in all staff officers invited to watch the demonstrations. Further refinements were made to the design which increased its effective range to 200 feet (61 m), though a much larger quantity of fuel was needed to maintain the flame for any significant period of time.

So Connect __X__ with the following:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Question 602 f: A Tattle of Wit.

No Xs and Ys.
Just tell me what this little legend's about.
I think we'll be going too far to term this as a controversy, bt anyway, here goes.

The story of the posting on the door has settled as one of the pillars of history, but its foundations in truth are minimal. _____ on doors is unparalleled in history. Even further, ________ is known as strongly law abiding, and to publish his thoughts and direction in such a way would be strongly against his character. The great man has never mentioned anything in this direction in his writings, and the only contemporary account of the publishing is the account of Agricola, written in Latin. In this account, Agricola states that______ presents ‘------- in the year of 1517 according to the customs of University of_________ as part of a scientific discussion. The presentation was done in a modest and respectful way, preventing to mock or insult anybody”. There is no mention of nailing  to a door, nor does any other source report this. In reality, -------- presented a hand-written copy, accompanied with honourable comments to the archbishop Albrecht of Mainz and Magdenburg, responsible for the practice of the ______, and to the bishop of _________, the superior of --==--. It wasn’t until January 1518 that friends of his translated the ---------- from Latin into German, printed, and widely copied, making the controversy one of the first in history to be aided by the printing press. Within two weeks, copies had spread  throughout Europe.  His writings circulated widely, reaching France, England, and Italy as early as 1519.

Question 601.f: Alpha Tango Oscar Zulu

__X___ is a 1995 book by Douglas Hofstadter and other members of the Fluid Analogies Research Group exploring the mechanisms of intelligence through computer modeling. It contends that the notions of analogy and fluidity are fundamental to explain how the human mind solves problems and to create computer programs that show intelligent behavior. It analyses several computer programs that members of the group have created over the years to solve problems that require intelligence.

The book is a collection of revised articles that appeared in precedence, each preceded by an introduction by Hofstadter. They describe the scientific work by him and his collaborators in the 1980s and 1990s. The project started in the late 1970s at Indiana University, where Hofstadter collaborated with Marsha Meredith and Gray Clossman. In 1983 he took a sabbatical year at MIT, working in Marvin Minsky's Artificial Intelligence Lab. There he met and collaborated with Melanie Mitchell, who subsequently did her Ph.D. with him, David Rogers, and Marek Lugowski. Subsequently Hofstadter moved to the University of Michigan, where the FARG (Fluid Analogies Research Group) was founded. Eventually he returned to Indiana University in 1988, continuing the FARG research there. The book was written during a sabbatical year at the Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica in Trento, Italy.

Given that mouthfull, what place does this have on this particular theme?
#brownie points for __X__, if you can remember the whole name.
& the title explanation.

For TLDR Quizzers like me, & Tineyers (No connection)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bourn To Be Wild: Bring BQC Back.

"The Donkey and Elephant were the symbols of the political parties of which country?"

"Carrots and Radishes are Root Vegetables? True/False."

"Which animal do you think of when you're bang on target?"

Not exactly the most thought provoking questions in retrospect, but when faced by a barrage of them under the scrutiny of Derek O' Brien, one's mind tends to go more blank than the cheque which had the prize money. The Bournvita Quiz Contest was one of the few nascent quiz contests held in India, which has helped foster generation upon generations of quizzers. Including me.

When i was in primary school, 4th grade, the BQC came to Sophia's for the first time. It was a mandatory activity and since it meant that the horrible history teacher wouldn't teach us about sedition, or the monstrous math teacher wouldn't try to teach us addition, the entire school erupted in a furore of quizzing ebullience. And I for one was not left behind.

The quiz itself was stimulating in its simplicity, yet provoking in its problems. I remember distinctly finishing the quiz well before time, but fully knowing that i had gotten a single question wrong. It was several weeks before they announced the winners in school, and not congruous with the characteristics of  quizzer, i had plumb forgotten that i had even attempted the quiz. 

It was a pleasant surprise although when i found out that i had won the quiz from school, for which i received a medal, a certificate and other memorabilia which have long since been lost in the tides of time, but not from the munitions of one's memory.

The BQC was the first step i had ever taken into the quasars of quizzing, and things haven't been brighter since.

I always took solace in the fact that shows like BQC would continue to ignite the passions of younger generation for eons to come, as it had my very own generation. But when i was contacted a few weeks ago by a group of fellow quizzing enthusiasts, who had taken it upon themselves to bring back the Bournvita Quiz Challenge, i was quite alarmed to know that wholesome family programming had been compromised for the likes of Bigg Boss, something so salacious in itself that they don't even spell it correctly.

Its a sad day for a nation when something as enlightening as BQC has been substituted with something as exasperating as Bigg Boss.

Derek O'Brien himself has joined this movement to bring back edifying entertainment to television, and here's his letter to Cadbury's.

The response it enjoyed is testament to the popularity that BQC has enjoyed. 120,000 people have joined this movement on facebook, and many more on other media.
They can be contacted on

Its time we do what needs to be done, and prove once and for all that we aren't a generation of people who care only about who's dating whom, who broke up with whom, etc etc, that we are intellectuals who are not oblivious to the world around us, that we are intellectuals who aren't shocked or surprised by the staged antics of reality TV, that we are people who do not want to see another generation of talent lost to the trappings of mediocrity, because they never had the opportunity we did to prove our talent to all, and take our place upon the grand stage.

I speak on behalf of all those who have had that opportunity, and all those who deserve it.

Siddarth Pai.

Question 602 e: The Phrince

Cultivation of ___X___ may have preceded apple culture, and many references translated to "apple", such as the fruit in Song of Solomon, may have been to a __X__. Among the ancient Greeks, the  __X__ was a ritual offering at weddings, for it had come from the Levant with __X___ and remained sacred to her. _____reports that a Greek bride would nibble a __X__ to perfume her kiss before entering the bridal chamber, "in order that the first greeting may not be disagreeable nor unpleasant"

Ibn Al Qayyam wrote that "When the _________ is broiled, it will become softer and milder. When one removes the ____________, stuffs them with honey, dips them in a paste and then broil them under hot ashes, they will become very beneficial. The best way to eat the ___________ is broiled or cooked in honey."

More about this

So here we provide step by step procedure _______ preserve in your kitchen.
  • 1. Wash the , cut them carefully, they are hard & you need pressure on the knife, be careful to safeguard your fingers.
  • 2. Remove the seeds & do not throw them,_______ is an expensive medicine; you may eat them later by boiling in milk.
  • 3. Now take the sliced fruit over the stove, add some water
  • 4. Boil for 45 minutes & the fruit will tender with heat, now smash properly with a wooden spoon.
  • 5. Add honey (for 4 kg __________, add 1 kg honey).
  • 6. To add a preservative, add 100 ml of pure home-made vinegar.
  • 7. Boil again unless the fruit, honey & vinegar homogenize & you have a beautiful, crimson colored quince preserve.
  • 8. To make it softer; I take the preserve to my blender & apply the pulse for 5 minutes, but it is not necessary.
  • 9. Keep the preserve refrigerated.
That is all; your ____ preserve is ready to repair the damaged heart. تجم الفؤاد means that _________ pleases / strengthens the heart, & opens the coagulation (if available). والطخاء للقلب is meant for darkness, like clouds or a sand storm cover the clear sky which is then un-seen, so_______ will do the same job for the heart, it will remove blockage & the heart will be clear & healthy Insha'Allah.

Question 601.e: Make Up for the Monitor


Question 601.a has been edited, check it out when you can to crack the theme.

A Redditt Article about an update from the company __X__ about its Product ___Y__

"One intrepid Reddit user tried out __X__'s __Y__ new Content Aware filter (basically, it can fill in or erase content areas through the power of wizards and gum drops). Unfortunately, the test proved less than fruitful when attempting to get a dress off of Olivia Munn. Technology…not taking us quite far enough.

adobe content aware olivia munn 630x307 Photoshop CS5s Content Aware fails at naked Olivia Munn

Though it’s disappointing that the Content Aware filter didn’t seem to work as well as you’d hope, just think: It’d be much worse if it did work and that was still the output. For all we know, Olivia Munn may very well have aliens attempting to burst out of her rib cage as evidenced by this photo. And that’s the story I’m sticking with until Olivia Munn attempts to discredit me by sending us nude pictures. It’s my job and duty to you, as a reporter and chronic masturbator, to investigate this to the fullest extent. Prove me wrong, Munn. Prove me wrong."

& as much as this seems like Nihar's doing, especially the desperate plea and the "prove me wrong" part,  this was written by someone else about the product.

SInce there was no dearth of funny pictures, have your pic(k) for identifying __X__ & __Y__.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Question 602 d : Her Ladyship

Another sitter!
Connect the four images.

Question 601.d: Vonamore of the Punjabi Spirit(s)?

Taken from the group's very own website, ir reads
"The beginnings were humble - classic example of the enterprising Punjabi spirit. The founders Pahwa Brothers dreamt of giving the common man of this country an affordable means of mobility in those early days of our country’s independence. Excellent quality, economical price and ethical business dealings earned them instant acceptability. Holding these values close to their hearts they built the trust brick by brick. 
Starting up a bicycle saddles and brakes manufacturing unit in 1948, the Pahwas set out on a long and arduous journey. __X__ Cycles came into being in 1952 when the first batch of 250 bicycles rolled out of its plant."

The numbers have been going up, ever since. From amongst the pioneers of the Indian bicycle industry, __X__ has remained in the top performers’ position for over half a century. The promoters’ abiding faith in human values and fairness, built enduring business bonds with a vast dealer network in India and abroad. High-class technology, consistent quality and effective after-sales service made up a perfect proposition.
__X__ is the only group anywhere in the world with full backward integration. They have facilities for making almost all the parts, including Steel Balls needed for their Bicycles. This places them a cut above the rest when we talk of quality born of work culture. They did not venture into Tyre and Tubes, these being in a different discipline, altogether. To meet their expanding requirement of raw materials, they added facilities for making Steel Strips, Steel Tubes and Hot Rolled Steel, achieving full backward integration, unmatched and unequalled anywhere else."

Still more humble than most personal endorsements, identify this Indian Conglomerate. (5)
+5 for IDying the lad on the bike.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Question 602 c: : Scassassin

Id X, Y, Z
Marvel's strongest human female, except possibly the __X___, and the wife of the ___Y___. She was created by then Editor-in-Chief Jim SHooter, in the successful company-wide crossover known as ______. An aspiring bully, __Z___ became a significant threat, and the main rival of the __X___. She is also well known for having a long lasting fear of Spider man.
According to writer/editor Chris Priest, Mary MacPherran is a tuckerised version of Mary McPherson, a production assistant at Marvel.
friend of

Question 601.c: Im Your Shining Star

In 1938, Lee Byung-chull (1910–1987) of the large landowning family in the Uiryeong county came to the nearby Daegu city and founded ___X__ , a small trading company with forty employees located in Su-dong (now Ingyo-dong). It dealt in groceries produced in and around the city and produced noodles itself. The company prospered and Lee moved its head office to Seoul in 1947. When the Korean War broke out, however, he was forced to leave Seoul and started a sugar refinery in Busan as a name of Cheil Jedang. After the war, in 1954, Lee founded Cheil Mojik and built the plant in Chimsan-dong, Daegu. It was the largest woolen mill ever in the country and the company took on an aspect of a major company.

Going by that History, Connect with the following:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Question 602 b: Be in the Zo called Zone

Slightly vague, but pretty crackable.

I mean, given all the resources, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
Anyway, here goes.

Connect the three

Not very direct.