Friday, April 15, 2011

Question 602 c: : Scassassin

Id X, Y, Z
Marvel's strongest human female, except possibly the __X___, and the wife of the ___Y___. She was created by then Editor-in-Chief Jim SHooter, in the successful company-wide crossover known as ______. An aspiring bully, __Z___ became a significant threat, and the main rival of the __X___. She is also well known for having a long lasting fear of Spider man.
According to writer/editor Chris Priest, Mary MacPherran is a tuckerised version of Mary McPherson, a production assistant at Marvel.
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Pi.R.Square said...

X: She Hulk
Y: Absorbing Man
Z: Titania, named after the midsumemr night's dream character

thats it
your connect
Midsummer Night's Dream Characters

Oberon loved Hippy, Tit loved Theseus

& Amazon is your red herring, since there's no amazon mention in the play

Sukanto said...

X - She-Hulk
Y - Absorbing Man
Z - Titania

manish hn said...

x=she hulk
y=absorbing man

Nagaratna said...

X- She Hulk
Y- Absorbing Man
Z- Titania

Theme's a Midsummer Night's Dream? Titania and Hippolyta are both characters in it.

Bezos is the Red Herring.