Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Question 583: It's worth a shot

Identify the song.
Give me the lyrics.
Identify the picture in the video.
Name the band that made this song.
Connect to the title.

Question 582: Franky my dear, i don't give a damn

__X___ was a German physicist who resided in Russia. In 1741 he was elected a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Science for his pioneering work on __Y__ and also on calorimetry. __X__also worked as a tutor of the children of Count Andrei Osterman. In 1741 he translated Alexander Pope's Essay on Man into German from French.

He died in St. Petersburg "while trying to quantify the response of an insulated rod to a nearby weather phenomenon." He was attending a meeting of the Academy of Sciences, when he heard an ancient source of __Y__. The Professor ran home with his engraver to capture the event for posterity. While the experiment was underway, a supposed ____ appeared and collided with _______s head leaving him dead in a red spot. His shoes were blown open, parts of his clothes singed, the engraver knocked out; the doorframe of the room was split, and the door itself torn off its hinges.

He was apparently the first person in history to die while conducting __Y__ experiments.

However, the experiment he was conducting was already done so a few years earlier, halfway around the world, raising doubts about the veracity of those experiments conducted by the person halfway around the world.

Death of X

Death of X in colour,lol

1) ID X
2) ID Y and the experiment X or the person before him conducted.
The key to this lies in the picture.