Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Question 739: London Bridge NEVER falls down.


Question 738: Fly like a butterfly

According to Jacques Levy, with whom __X__ wrote the song __Y__ about __Z__,

__X__ wasn't sure that he could write a song [about ___Z__].... He was just filled with all these feelings about __Y__. He couldn't make the first step. I think the first step was putting the song in a total storytelling mode. I don't remember whose idea it was to do that. But really, the beginning of the song is like stage directions, like what you would read in a script: 'Pistol shots ring out in a barroom night.... Here comes the story of the ___Y___.' Boom! Titles. You know, ___X___ loves movies, and he can write these movies that take place in eight to ten minutes, yet seem as full or fuller than regular movies.
X & Z

(Y is the nickname of __Z__)