Friday, February 11, 2011

Question 521: Our Inspiration. Our life. Our Role Model

A sitter, you say?
Yes, I know.
Does it matter?
First occurrence of this iconic scene.
Make out all you can.
Looks like a dino.

It's Homer strangling Bart.


Rohan Danait said...

Homer strangling Bart Simpson by grabbing him by the neck whenever he is annoyed with him. Good question, loved it.

Siddarth Pai said...

Homer Choking bart

head back to your hiatus man

Rishiraj said...

Homer strangling Bart!

appuchin said...

homer strangling bart-my fav scene from simpsons

Archimonde said...

hahaha this is Homer strangling Bart! XD

Aravind V said...

Homer Simpson strangling Bart.

Pi.R.Square said...

Homer choking bart
too simple