Saturday, December 25, 2010

Question 455: Don't get your Nickers in a bunch over this one

An excerpt from a 2004 article, from a supply chain managers' trade magazine, aptly depicts __X(MAS)__:
(Note: Few changes have been made to ensure that this isn't too easy)

"The main distribution center is a sight to behold. At 4,000,000 square feet (370,000 m2), it's one of the world's largest facilities. A real-time warehouse management system is of course required to run such a complex. The facility makes extensive use of task interleaving, literally combining dozens of DC activities (putaway, replenishing, order picking, vehicle loading, cycle counting) in a dynamic queue...the DC workers have been on engineered standards and incentives for three years, leading to a 12% gain in productivity...The WMS and transportation system are fully integrated, allowing (the workers) to make optimal decisions that balance transportation and order picking and other DC costs. Unbeknownst to many, many vehicles and proxies are deployed, and the TMS optimally builds thousands of consolidated sacks that maximize cube utilization and minimize total air miles."

The only job, according to some, which can't be outsourced to Bangalore.

ID the job (or the workers), and __X(MAS)__

(To all pedants out there, ignore the (MAS). Just my way of spreading the joy)


__X(MAS)___ : Santa's workshop
Workers: Elves
Job: What Santa Does

+10 for IDying 2, +5 for IDying 1.


Rohan said...

good one, Santa Claus

SyntaXerroR said...

Santa Claus' residence

Karthik Nair loves stuff.. said...

"Nick"ers as in

Nick = Nicholas = Santa ?

I'm guessing the thing talked about here is Santa delivering presents around the world.

Workers = I'm not too sure. Ill say dogs, reindeers, elves, imps or somethin of that sort.

Kaushik said...

Santa Claus

madafterknowledge said...

Santa Claus ! Ho ho ho !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,i am new to
Your awesome
The answer is dabbawala

churott said...

X-santas workshop

Aravind V said...

Santa's Workshop
Santa's elves