Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bourn To Be Wild: Bring BQC Back.

"The Donkey and Elephant were the symbols of the political parties of which country?"

"Carrots and Radishes are Root Vegetables? True/False."

"Which animal do you think of when you're bang on target?"

Not exactly the most thought provoking questions in retrospect, but when faced by a barrage of them under the scrutiny of Derek O' Brien, one's mind tends to go more blank than the cheque which had the prize money. The Bournvita Quiz Contest was one of the few nascent quiz contests held in India, which has helped foster generation upon generations of quizzers. Including me.

When i was in primary school, 4th grade, the BQC came to Sophia's for the first time. It was a mandatory activity and since it meant that the horrible history teacher wouldn't teach us about sedition, or the monstrous math teacher wouldn't try to teach us addition, the entire school erupted in a furore of quizzing ebullience. And I for one was not left behind.

The quiz itself was stimulating in its simplicity, yet provoking in its problems. I remember distinctly finishing the quiz well before time, but fully knowing that i had gotten a single question wrong. It was several weeks before they announced the winners in school, and not congruous with the characteristics of  quizzer, i had plumb forgotten that i had even attempted the quiz. 

It was a pleasant surprise although when i found out that i had won the quiz from school, for which i received a medal, a certificate and other memorabilia which have long since been lost in the tides of time, but not from the munitions of one's memory.

The BQC was the first step i had ever taken into the quasars of quizzing, and things haven't been brighter since.

I always took solace in the fact that shows like BQC would continue to ignite the passions of younger generation for eons to come, as it had my very own generation. But when i was contacted a few weeks ago by a group of fellow quizzing enthusiasts, who had taken it upon themselves to bring back the Bournvita Quiz Challenge, i was quite alarmed to know that wholesome family programming had been compromised for the likes of Bigg Boss, something so salacious in itself that they don't even spell it correctly.

Its a sad day for a nation when something as enlightening as BQC has been substituted with something as exasperating as Bigg Boss.

Derek O'Brien himself has joined this movement to bring back edifying entertainment to television, and here's his letter to Cadbury's.

The response it enjoyed is testament to the popularity that BQC has enjoyed. 120,000 people have joined this movement on facebook, and many more on other media.
They can be contacted on

Its time we do what needs to be done, and prove once and for all that we aren't a generation of people who care only about who's dating whom, who broke up with whom, etc etc, that we are intellectuals who are not oblivious to the world around us, that we are intellectuals who aren't shocked or surprised by the staged antics of reality TV, that we are people who do not want to see another generation of talent lost to the trappings of mediocrity, because they never had the opportunity we did to prove our talent to all, and take our place upon the grand stage.

I speak on behalf of all those who have had that opportunity, and all those who deserve it.

Siddarth Pai.

Question 602 e: The Phrince

Cultivation of ___X___ may have preceded apple culture, and many references translated to "apple", such as the fruit in Song of Solomon, may have been to a __X__. Among the ancient Greeks, the  __X__ was a ritual offering at weddings, for it had come from the Levant with __X___ and remained sacred to her. _____reports that a Greek bride would nibble a __X__ to perfume her kiss before entering the bridal chamber, "in order that the first greeting may not be disagreeable nor unpleasant"

Ibn Al Qayyam wrote that "When the _________ is broiled, it will become softer and milder. When one removes the ____________, stuffs them with honey, dips them in a paste and then broil them under hot ashes, they will become very beneficial. The best way to eat the ___________ is broiled or cooked in honey."

More about this

So here we provide step by step procedure _______ preserve in your kitchen.
  • 1. Wash the , cut them carefully, they are hard & you need pressure on the knife, be careful to safeguard your fingers.
  • 2. Remove the seeds & do not throw them,_______ is an expensive medicine; you may eat them later by boiling in milk.
  • 3. Now take the sliced fruit over the stove, add some water
  • 4. Boil for 45 minutes & the fruit will tender with heat, now smash properly with a wooden spoon.
  • 5. Add honey (for 4 kg __________, add 1 kg honey).
  • 6. To add a preservative, add 100 ml of pure home-made vinegar.
  • 7. Boil again unless the fruit, honey & vinegar homogenize & you have a beautiful, crimson colored quince preserve.
  • 8. To make it softer; I take the preserve to my blender & apply the pulse for 5 minutes, but it is not necessary.
  • 9. Keep the preserve refrigerated.
That is all; your ____ preserve is ready to repair the damaged heart. تجم الفؤاد means that _________ pleases / strengthens the heart, & opens the coagulation (if available). والطخاء للقلب is meant for darkness, like clouds or a sand storm cover the clear sky which is then un-seen, so_______ will do the same job for the heart, it will remove blockage & the heart will be clear & healthy Insha'Allah.

Question 601.e: Make Up for the Monitor


Question 601.a has been edited, check it out when you can to crack the theme.

A Redditt Article about an update from the company __X__ about its Product ___Y__

"One intrepid Reddit user tried out __X__'s __Y__ new Content Aware filter (basically, it can fill in or erase content areas through the power of wizards and gum drops). Unfortunately, the test proved less than fruitful when attempting to get a dress off of Olivia Munn. Technology…not taking us quite far enough.

adobe content aware olivia munn 630x307 Photoshop CS5s Content Aware fails at naked Olivia Munn

Though it’s disappointing that the Content Aware filter didn’t seem to work as well as you’d hope, just think: It’d be much worse if it did work and that was still the output. For all we know, Olivia Munn may very well have aliens attempting to burst out of her rib cage as evidenced by this photo. And that’s the story I’m sticking with until Olivia Munn attempts to discredit me by sending us nude pictures. It’s my job and duty to you, as a reporter and chronic masturbator, to investigate this to the fullest extent. Prove me wrong, Munn. Prove me wrong."

& as much as this seems like Nihar's doing, especially the desperate plea and the "prove me wrong" part,  this was written by someone else about the product.

SInce there was no dearth of funny pictures, have your pic(k) for identifying __X__ & __Y__.