Friday, December 31, 2010

Question 468: Where is the party? On the island of (Insert answer)?

A sitter of a question, but its new years eve, so if you are on a quiz blog, 
Solidarity Mate.

Now for the question.

Originally names Ikes GIlbert, after the British Captain Thomas Gilbert, the island is now known as __X__. Although in the native Gilbertese tongue the island name is Tungaru, they chose the name __X__, which is the Gilbertese Rendition of Gilbert

A fairly obscure island nation, which has raised its voice in the Cancun and Copenhagen Summits due to the fact that it will sink in the next century at the present rate of deglaciation (not a word i made up, its an actual word).

But Apart from this, this island nation has another claim to fame once every year
ID the nation, and its claim to Fame.

And a Happy New Years to all, but this won't be the last question of the day, month, year or decade.
Stay tuned, or get a social life

__X__: Nation- Kiribati

First nation to see the first rays of the new year 2011.

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Ashes said...

Kiribati Island. It is the easternmost country in the world and the sun rises here first, hence celebrate the New Year first

abhimanyu said...


kapinjal said...

kiribati island..first to embrace 1st january or midn8 of 31st december as the new year!

SyntaXerroR said...

The island is Kiribati and The International date line passes through it making it the easternmost island..hence Kiribati is the first country to get to the New Year.

Rohan said...

I had got this in one of an old school quiz and I had answered Gibraltar(they hadnt provided the luxury of a map), so no mistakes now. It's Kiribati, no idea about claim to fame...

Nagaratna said...

Courtesy Google.
Nice rhyme.

Sebin said...

christmas island