Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question 610: Double Trouble Cauldron Bubble

Identify their claim to fame, and who was the person who catapulted them into the spotlight.
What they're holding is what catapulted them to fame.

Question 609: Thats One Spicy Meatball

The recipe for __X__, created by __Y__, is as follows:

"This fire is made by the following arts. From the pine and the certain such evergreen trees inflammable resin is collected. This is rubbed with sulphur and put into tubes of reed, and is blown by men using it with violent and continuous breath. Then in this manner it meets the fire on the tip and catches light and falls like a fiery whirlwind on the faces of the enemies."

The characteristics of __X__, according to mythology is as follows:
  • It burned on water, and, according to some interpretations, was ignited by water. In addition, as numerous writers testify, it could be extinguished only by a few substances, such as sand, which deprived it of oxygen, strong vinegar, or old urine, presumably by some sort of chemical reaction.
  • It was a liquid substance, and not some sort of projectile, as verified both by descriptions and the very name "liquid fire".
  • At sea, it was usually ejected from siphons, although earthenware pots or grenades filled with it or similar substances were also used.
  • The discharge of __X___ was accompanied by "thunder" and "much smoke"
An attempt was even conceived to recreate the mechanisms necessary to produce and propagate __X__.

__X__ is believed to have lent __Y__ the ability to maintain military supremacy and ensure it survival, including the salvation of its capital.

X being used by Y

1) ID X
2) ID Y