Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Q 778: The Pride of England

This is something that happened in the year 1985, rather, one of two HUGE events in the music world dedicated to a cause(mostly in Africa at that time). It featured all the biggies.

Call this __Z__.

Now, there came this band __X___ who played for some 20 odd minutes.
Some regard this little cameo to be their crowning glory, or at least that of their front man. They started off with one of their huge hits, __Y__ but there were rules pre-set. The event did not allow

  • Sound-checks.
  • Playback of previously recorded pieces.
Owing to these difficulties, __Y__ couldn't be played to completion. 
So, they mixed things up and played another hugely popular song, and incidentally, the name of which inspired a crazy "female" to kick start her musical career. 

In spite of the risks of messing up existing, the band went on to steal the show.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Q 777: The Pendulum Swings To & Fro


This particular term that I'm looking for comes from "___". The term's origin/root essentially means "Regarding the Head" in Latin.
__X__ has been practiced by most civilizations at some point of time or the other, with the exception of the Kyivian Rus(European tribe that was disintegrated by the Mongol Invasion in the 13th Century).

The current scenario, however, is different.
58 Nations are advocates of __X__ and 96 have decided to do away with the concept altogether.
There is of course this raging debate on __X__ on many fronts.

The European Union has collectively distanced itself away from it, as Article 2 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU prohibits it.

In the UNGA, The People's Republic of China, India, the USA and Indonesia have all voted against the removal of __X___, and they being the 4t most populated countries in the world.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Q 776: Internet's Working.

The title of the question has nothing to do with the content of the question, first of all. It's just to say that my net connection is working.

Now that that question is clarified,

I'll get to the actual question.

_____X_____ is a show within a show that appears occasionally in episodes of ____Y____. They typically appear in the form of 15-60 second cartoons that are filled with over-the-top violence, usually initiated by ____ & _______; ...... is almost always the victor. A complex backstory for the show has been established. The episode 'The Day that Violence died(again, a parody on something else!)'  reveals it.

X Studios is run by Roger Meyers, Jr., the son of Roger Meyers, the cartoon's "creator". X Studios was bankrupted after it was sued by Lampwick for $800 billion, but was saved after receiving a large cash settlement from the government over its use of ________ The most direct and obvious influence(parody) is Z, an animated series which was also about a constant battle between a cat and a mouse, with the mouse usually victorious.

Id X, Y and Z.
Should be easy.