Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Question 694: There's a lot to learn from the ocean

Identify the man on the right and tell me why I put this question today.

Question 693: Glorified Tubelights aren't they?

The following is a description of the choreography behind the use of __X__ in __Y__

I developed different styles for the characters, and gave each of them a flaw or a bonus. So with ___ for instance, he's got a very business-like style — when he was younger he could border on the flashy and might twirl his __X__ a bit, because he was taught by Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon was brash, that rubbed off on ____ and ____ then taught _____, who was way too old to learn anyway... I think the style really worked well. The ___Z____ style of fighting is an amalgamation of all the great sword fighting styles. Melding them together is the difficult part — to move from a Kendo style to, say, Rapier requires a complete change in body and feet movement, and this must look effortless. The style moves seamlessly between the different disciplines, but remains technically correct throughout. It's unlike any other style of fighting and I think it's beautiful to watch.

(Z & ___ for #brownie points)