Monday, May 9, 2011

Question 631: That's What She's Saying

The current logo is almost universally associated with the brand, but few know of its origins.

The original logo resembled something of a brown cigar bran cover, featuring a rare version of the Siren, a woman with a mythological reputation. The obvious specialties of this version of the siren did not go unnoticed, more so because of her twin assets - an extremely uncommon image rarely associated with her more popular present persona. Many enjoyed the exotic connotations associated with her symbolism then, catapulting the brand into popular culture.

A few years later, it got re-imagined to more closely resemble the  present day toned down version. The chest was flattened, the belly button erased and a gentler smile on her face welcomed millions of people to the shops the world over, as the franchises spread.

Today, she bears only a faint resemblance to her original visage, with her most unique attributes hidden in the zoomed-in version of her image.

Give me the brand she stands for.

You need to pay close attention to the space ABOVE the derriere to notice the subtlety. Nice.

[this logo here is only for your amusement]
(Question has been editted)