Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question 612: Oil the Bricycle

A sketch that seems to be the plan or design of something.
I need you to identify who drew this up, and the cause for it(or in context) to appear in our everyday lives> Not everybody's everyday life,
but I allude to a jobless few.

Anyway, here're the pics.

Question 611: Wonder if They Had Torrentz?

Local belief is that the name of __X__ was actually given by Christopher Columbus, who called it the "land of the turtle", subsequent locals would be guffawing at the irony of it though. But in reality, Columbus had actually named the island Santa Ana, but the Dutch then poached the island (a precursor to its more prurient present no doubt), and named it Ter Holen, after a Dutch Island.

As in any colony of the 1600s, slave trading began to run the plantations, but was quickly stopped as the slaves began to take over the island. This was the beginning of the debauchery which catapulted __X__ into fame, far before __Y__ ever did.

In 1640, a union of sorts was formed, consisting of French, English and Dutch "gentlemen", with close to two thousand women being "imported" to __X__ in an effort to bring about some comfort and discipline in the lives of these dear gentlemen.

All this is a brief history which was documented more, uh, "flamboyantly" by __Y__.

1) ID X
2) ID Y/ the union of these gentlemen.

& for all you tineyers and people who say TLDR,
enjoy this picture.