Thursday, March 10, 2011

Question 560: Its always about a...

The following video is from the show Family Guy, where the dog Brian is enumerating about a certain trend which has been around since Fur Elise and before.

Question 559: Father?

This famous Islamic leader was famous for among other things his fondness for bacon and good claret. He religously avoided the Mosque every Friday and did not even a single verse of the Koran by heart. All of this however did not stop him from single handedly founding an Islamic republic.
1)Who is he.
2) Which Nation did he form

Double Whammy

Hello all, starting Saturday Sunday the new theme rounds will commence.
Yes, theme roundS.
This time we'll have two themes rounds taking place side by side.
This is how it's going to work:
1. Instead of 8 questions with one red herring, each theme will have 6 questions with one red herring.

2. The original rules of the RHP apply except for the points for the theme which will start from 60 and not 80, i.e.
+ 60/-30: 1st try/question
+50/-25: 2nd try/question
+40/-20: 3rd try/question
+30/-15: 4th try/question
+20/-10: 5th try/question
+ 10/no neg: Last try/question
3. Apart from the individual theme that each set of questions has, the 2 sets will also have something that connects them. Identify that for another +20. You can guess at any point in the round. No negatives for wrong guesses.

4. So basically you get 2 questions a day. One pertaining to one theme and the other to the 2nd one. So you will have Question "1 a" and "2 a" posted on one day and Question "1 b" and "2 b" posted on the next.
5. The things you need to answer:
-Individual questions
-Individual themes
-Individual red herrings
-Connect between the 2 sets of questions.
If you have any clarifications, please post a comment.