Saturday, March 26, 2011

Question 577: The Inspector

An American born Scot. What must that be like? Phew.
He tried many things, but then fate decided that packing meat was his destiny. And he prospered.
His biggest moment came in the war of 1812, the one about all the American-British empire thing..

The chap in question managed to get the commission to supply meat to the army!
Good for him.
On each little box of Meat, there was, as you'd expect, 'U.S' printed on it, as they were govt property.
He insisted U.S was United States. But the soldiers said it stood for something else(Their own little joke, of course)
I want to know what it was that the Soldiers said. The term's damned famous now, so you'd have heard of it.

And ID the man.


Siddarth Pai said...

uncle sam
also known as samuel wilson

The Trooper said...

Samuel Wilson and Uncle Sam!

abhimanyu said...

uncle sam..simple enough.....for samuel wilson..but he didnt get the contract...he was just the food inspector.....da commision was got by elbert anderson

Nikhil N said...

Uncle Sam, Samuel Wilson

The Musketeer said...

uncle sam

Pi.R.Square said...

Samuel watson
or Uncle Sam
you gave it away in the question

manish hn said...

samuel wilson
uncle sam

Nanda said...

The term is Uncle Sam


The soldiers said that U.S. stood for Uncle Sam and the meat packing dude was Samuel Wilson.
The U.S. government is now known affectionately as "uncle Sam".

Rohan Danait said...

Uncle Sam, so he used to stamp US's meat on the boxes and it got 2 fullforms Uncle Sam and United States. So your "chap" became synonymous with the country's name. Good question

Arkal said...

Uncle Sam!

Sukanto said...

Uncle Sam (U.S.) , of course.
And the man?
Samuel Wilson.
Nice Question , but more or less simple.

aviralshrivastava said...

Uncle Sam