Saturday, March 26, 2011

Question 576: Proof kahan hai?




X was an idea put forth by a very generally awesome man (although I don't personally appreciate the usage of the idea, I still think he's pretty cool).
Y and Z sort of picked up on it later on.

The theory of Z actually has a name coined for it.

So give me:
1. X, Y and Z

2. The name of the generally awesome man

3. What Z is a parody of

4. The name coined for Z

2 points per part plus a bonus of 2 for getting all four.
So 10 points in total.
Also, my Hindi (and possibly everyone else's) is better than Pai's.
Just saying.


X- Russell's Teapot

Y- Invisible Pink Unicorn

Z- Flying Spaghetti Monster

The generally awesome man -Bertrand Russell

Look at the style :D

Parody of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Term coined - Pastafarianism (portmanteau of "Pasta" and "Rastafarianism")


Siddarth Pai said...

bertrand russel's teapot
x - russel's teapot is the theory
its a diatribe on the existence of god

bertrand russel is your guy
z is a parody of the creation of adam by michelangelo
z is known as the flying spaghetti monster
y is the invisible unicorn

& hang you
there were no complains about my hindi
except by arch who spoke marathi

The Trooper said...

Bertrand Russell's Flying Teapot , The Pink Invisible Unicorn and The Flying Spaghetti Monster... They all doubt the existence of God

Z is a parody of The Creation of Adam

abhimanyu said...

russels teapot or cosmic teapot,,,,by bertrand russel...z is the flying sphaghetti monster form pastafarianism..y should be the unicorn...

Pi.R.Square said...

bertrand russel and russel's teapot
the flying spaghetti monster and pastafarianism, or the church of the FSM
the invisible unicorn
the teapot is related to atheism
& FSM is a parody of the creation of adam

Siddarth Pai said...

flying spaghetti monster is the chief deity of the chursch of the flying spaghetti monster
& of the religion of pastafarianism

Rohan Danait said...

Rastafarian parody Pastafarians and their deity The Spaghetti Monster.... Maybe there's a connection between Douglas Adams here...dunno why. But can sense his name in the offing...

manish hn said...

1.x=russells teapot
y=invisible pink unicorn
z=flying spaghetti monster
2.bertrand russell
3.z is a parody of the creation of adam
4.i dunno...many names...pastafarianism, the church of the FSM...

btw.....nice question....hope it helps the teeming theist masses come to their senses..:P


X-Russell's teapot
Y-Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU)
Z-Flying Sphagetti Monster
Z is a parody of Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam.
"Pastafarian" theory of creation or Pastafarianism.
The generally awesome man is Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell.

St. Jisu said...

The connect is parody religious groups.
X- Russel's teapot.. by Russel
y- Invisible Pink unicorn
z- flying spaghetti monster
the third pic being the depiction of creation of adam

Anonymous said...

Pastafarian XD
Flying Spaghetti Monster


SyntaXerroR said...

the pink unicorn..the logo of the Atheists assoc..the tea cup would be the Bertrand Russel argument..or simply russels cup..that below is the flying spagetti monster

Soumya said...

Russell's Teapot the idea put forward by Bertrand Russell.
Invisible Pink Unicorn
Flying Sphagetti Monster - my favourite/ Pastafarianism
parody of Adam's creation