Sunday, July 10, 2011

Question 700: So they can stab you to death and then write about it in their journal?

This company came into existence in the year 1884. This multipurpose product made by this company is world renowned solely because of the fact that it is associated with __X__ and derives its name from them. It was originally the sole supplier of the product and regained this position when it acquired the rival supplier of the product in 2005.

In 1909, the mother of the company's founder passed away and he decided to name the company in memory of her. The company started using __Y__ in their products in the year 1921 and as a result, the name of the company was altered to accommodate this inclusion.

Though this product was originally created to serve the requirements of __X__, it is widely used by the rest of the world, simply because it's so handy and compact.

It is even part of the standard equipment used by NASA astronauts.

Id X, Y, the product and give me the name of the company.

Question 699: Hair today Gown Tomorrow

Possible reasons for __X__ being part of the attire for the ceremony __Y__ are as follows:

** 1). The shape was derived from the master workman's mortar board.
** 2). The cap was meant to resemble the quadrangular shape of the English university campus.
** 3). The shape symbolized the "squareness" of both the ____ and his articles. In those days, we presume, squareness was a positive trait.

In Roman law, a slave was freed when he was allowed to wear __X__. This symbol of emancipation might have been the inspiration for Oxford adopting the practice of giving  __X__ to the recipient of a Master's of Art when he graduated. The  __X__symbolized independence for the former bachelor.