Monday, March 7, 2011

Question 555: Where Wil there be my Simple Superstar?

This currently iconic man came from very humble beginnings. Or atleast so his website says.
He was born somewhere in a remote village Tamil Nadu. Despite being from a family of modest means, his inclination towards music and entertainment helped him grow as an all round entertainer.Or atleast so his website says. Even as a child, he performed locally for his family and friends. Initially, he juggled small time entertainment with other more indigenous professions but after a point his need to entertain overtook everything else and he quit in order to pursue his musical destiny. Or atleast so his website says.

This musical sensation has incorporated many socially and topically relevant notions and concepts in his compilations and has received substantial public support. Or atleast so his website says.
Despite facing criticizm and awkward Borat references, this man is all set to leave his mark on the world. With several tours and launches and what not in his kitty, he's here to stay...and make a difference...and God knows what else.
Well some of it his website says.

Id the man.
Also, don't visit the website.
Oh, and tell me what your favourite song of his is.
If you don't have one, bonus points for you.