Monday, September 12, 2011

Question 773: Oh Lord Cumbrae Ya

The name Cumbrae may derive from Cymri or Kymry meaning 'fellow countrymen' or from Kil Maura meaning 'cell or church of a female saint'. If the former, Cumbrae (and its Gaelic equivalent Cumaradh), the common element of both Great Cumbrae and Little Cumbrae shares the same root as Cymry ("Britons"). It would be a reference to the old Brythonic inhabitants of Strathclyde.

Little Cumbrae was recorded as Kumbrey circa 1300, Cumbraye circa 1330 and Litill Comeray in 1515.

However, the island was bought over by __X__ who named it __Y__, reminiscent of The Beatles love for all things calm. The individual is now being investigated by the ED of India.

ID X & Y