Thursday, November 24, 2011

Q 776: Internet's Working.

The title of the question has nothing to do with the content of the question, first of all. It's just to say that my net connection is working.

Now that that question is clarified,

I'll get to the actual question.

_____X_____ is a show within a show that appears occasionally in episodes of ____Y____. They typically appear in the form of 15-60 second cartoons that are filled with over-the-top violence, usually initiated by ____ & _______; ...... is almost always the victor. A complex backstory for the show has been established. The episode 'The Day that Violence died(again, a parody on something else!)'  reveals it.

X Studios is run by Roger Meyers, Jr., the son of Roger Meyers, the cartoon's "creator". X Studios was bankrupted after it was sued by Lampwick for $800 billion, but was saved after receiving a large cash settlement from the government over its use of ________ The most direct and obvious influence(parody) is Z, an animated series which was also about a constant battle between a cat and a mouse, with the mouse usually victorious.

Id X, Y and Z.
Should be easy.