Thursday, April 14, 2011

Question 602 b: Be in the Zo called Zone

Slightly vague, but pretty crackable.

I mean, given all the resources, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
Anyway, here goes.

Connect the three

Not very direct.

Question 601.b: Furmat's Last Theorem

One of the oldest corporation in the world, operating out of the continent of  North America,  ___X___ was at one point of time the largest landowner in North America.
As for what they deal in, this pic should give you amore than you bargained for.

Especially in this heat
__X__ enjoyed considerable political patronage and was given the same rights that the East India Company enjoyed in India, with control over the courts as well as the ability to issue their own currency in the 1800s.

A part of their charter under forming the __X__, the company was required to give two elk skins and two black beaver pelts to the English King, then Charles II, or his heirs, whenever the monarch visits an area that was formerly theirs to own.
This stopped when they relocated.

It is, however, a persistent urban legend that the company would lose its charter if it did not give the monarch the rent any time they visit Western Canada, and so, it is alleged, there are furs and blankets stored at a __X__ in each city, with the manager prepared to rush to the airport and present them to the monarch should their plane touch down, even to refuel.


1) ID X.
2) ID their base of operations.