Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Question 602 a: HERtache!

Our second theme, the easier one, we hope! :)
ID X, Y, Z

When ___X____ landed the ______ received him warmly and ___Y____ came to his ship to greet him. Upon hearing his request, she agreed to let him take the ______. ___Z___, however, was not pleased, as was often the case with __X__. To stop him, ___Z____ came down to the Amazons disguised as one of their own and ran through the land, crying that ___X____ meant to kidnap their queen. Probably remembering all too well what Theseus had done, the Amazons charged toward the ship to save ___Y____. Fearing that ____Y____ had betrayed him, ____X_____ kissed her briefly then hastily killed her, ripped the ______ from her lifeless body, and set sail, narrowly escaping the raging warriors.
An alternate story of ___Y's___ death involved her sister. Her sister had killed __Y____ with a spear by accident when they were hunting deer; this accident caused  so much grief that she wished only to die, but, as a warrior and an Amazon, she had to do so honorably and in battle. She therefore was easily convinced to join in the Trojan War, fighting on the side of Troy's defenders, where she was killed by Achilles, who almost immediately afterward regretted doing so.

Question 601.a: I Sue The ZooZoo

Note: For this connect, think

Pretty screwed up connect question, a thirthakudi connect; some are direct, some 3rd degree, but ive left plenty of clues so that both the mind and the eye are not left wanting

Think of their astronomical counterparts

Not the eye of a tiger

Killed 2 birds with 1 stone here. Did my duty

No Clowning around

They have an afro, but still, id them 
Shouldve auditioned for LOTR