Sunday, July 10, 2011

Question 699: Hair today Gown Tomorrow

Possible reasons for __X__ being part of the attire for the ceremony __Y__ are as follows:

** 1). The shape was derived from the master workman's mortar board.
** 2). The cap was meant to resemble the quadrangular shape of the English university campus.
** 3). The shape symbolized the "squareness" of both the ____ and his articles. In those days, we presume, squareness was a positive trait.

In Roman law, a slave was freed when he was allowed to wear __X__. This symbol of emancipation might have been the inspiration for Oxford adopting the practice of giving  __X__ to the recipient of a Master's of Art when he graduated. The  __X__symbolized independence for the former bachelor.


Nagaratna said...

Graduation Hat
It's called a square academic cap it seems.
Who knew?

Pi.R.Square said...

the academic hat for graduation

miami_maiden said...

the artiicial long wig of hair and the squre gradation headresses???? with gown eh?

Anirban said...

X= Cap
Y= Graduation