Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Question 517: Look beyond Momos, there are other strings (Nagaratna's Question)

Due to unforseen reasons, Nagaratna can't post today
so she just sent me the question, along with the name, etc.

Given below is a panel from a webcomic

Now for the question:
1)      In memoriam of whom?
2)      He was the pioneer, procrastinator, inventor of? Just give me what he’s famous for. That will suffice.
3)      Identify the web comic

1) Momofuku Ando

2) (Nissin) Ramen Noodles [the other answers which mention cup noodles and all that are acceptable)

3) Phd.


Siddarth Pai said...

Momofuku ando
founder of nissin
Inventor of instant ramen noodles
Comic, looks like PHD

appuchin said...

momofuku ando
inventor of instant noodles

Archimonde said...

Momofuku Ando- the inventor of the instant noodles and cup noodles

Cupidvogel said...

Momofuko Ando, inventor of Instant Noodles!

manish hn said...

momofuku ando, famous for inventing instant noodles/cup noodles

keyree10 said...

Inventor of instant noodles.
PhD comics, duh!

Anna said...

Inventor of ramen noodles

madafterknowledge said...

1) Andō Momofuku

2) He was the inventor of instant noodle.

3)Just a guess..PHD comics??