Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Question 516: Its all Greek to me (Sebin's Question)

The third author of The Quizzard couldn't post his question tonight (saving up his bandwidth for something else, as quizzers, use your imagination
or actually don't
So he just gave me all the elements, & asked me to post it

We'll be resuming our normal activity by tomorrow

Don't forget these questions

Onto His question:

Connect the following pictures to a person

The Answer:El Greco

El Greco means the Greek but he one oof Spains most famous painters. The last picture is his famous view of Toledo the city he lived in

No one really knows what the guy really looked like but this is supposed to be a self portrait


Siddarth Pai said...

Flag of Greece
Spanish Football team
Picture of Toledo by El Greco, of the Spanish Renaissance

SO the connect is El Greco

Ashes said...


Archimonde said...

The connect is Dominikos Theotokopolous also known as El Greco.

The flag is of Greece. The 2nd pic is the spanish football team.
El Greco was born in Greece but was a master of Spanish Painting.
The 3rd pic is his masterpiece :View of Toledo

Ameya said...

The Greece Flag
The spanish National Team
El Greco's ' View of Toledo'

El Greco means the Greek
Toledo was the religious capital of Spain

appuchin said...

luis garcia


the connection is EL GRECO!

manish hn said...

connect is el greco
first pic is greece flag...
2nd is pic of spanish national team.....el greco moved to spain (toledo) later in life and settled there till his death
3rd is the view of toledo....

Zach said...

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