Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Question 515: FREED At last

__X__  was born  in 1907 Coyoacán, Mexico, the third of four children. At the age of 6, __X__ contracted polio and potentially suffered from several other conditions.  Later in __X’s__ life (s)he claimed to be born in 1910 in order to be better associated with ____________.  O n the 17th of September, 1925, __X__ was part of a horrific accident between the bus (s)he was in and a trolley. The accident resulted in damage to  __X’s___ spinal column,collarbone , ribs, pelvis , caused eleven fractures in the right leg, and led to a dislocated shoulder, not to mention a whole lot else.
Despite __X’s__ recovery, (s)he suffered from several painful relapses through the course of his/her life and had to undergo as many as 35 operations due to the accident. As a result of the accident, __X__ turned his/her attention to painting, seemingly as a form of escape. __X’s __ paintings did not receive wide public recognition until much after his/her death.
__X’s__ paintings were predominantly self portraits which mainly expressed the physical and psychological anguish experienced by __X__. The paintings have often been described as surrealist.
__X__  died on 13th July, 1954 at the age of 47. A few days before,  X had written in his/her diary, “I hope the exit is joyful — and I hope never to return — __X__”.


Now what I want you to do is, identify X.
Also, identify Y. I hope that picture suits your fancy. If it doesn’t, fret not. I’m sure you have worse things to worry about anyway. Heh.
Lastly, give me the connection between X and Y.


X - Frida Kahlo
Y - Salma Hayek
Hayek played the role of Frida in the 2002 movie of the same name.

Sitter, I know. That was the idea. 


Archimonde said...

X- Frida Kahlo
Y- Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek played the character of Frida Kahlo in the movie Frida...

indian said...


Siddarth Pai said...

X- Freido Kahlo
Y- Salma Hayek
the connect is the movie frida, where hayek played the lead

manish hn said...

X=frida Kahlo
Y=salma hayek, who portrayed her in the 2002film, "frida"

Rohan Danait said...

Salma Hayek(Y) portrayed Frida Kahlo(X) in the movie Frida which was based on her life

Ameya said...

X- Frida Kahlo
Y- Salma hayek

Y potraited X in the movie Frida

appuchin said...

frida kahlo- salma hayek(omg!!) played her in the film Frida

sudheer said...

Y is SALMA HAYEK and X is FRIDA KALHO (MEXICAN PAINTER)SALMA HAYEK acted in the movie FRIDA and also coproduced it.

kapinjal said...

frida kahlo and salma hayek, obvious connection bhai..

Cupidvogel said...

Dude (Oops, sorry!), the picture was a dead giveaway! It's Frida Kahlo, played by Salma Hayek in the eponymous movie..

Nanda said...

I gave the answer of this question. Where has my comment gone?

Nagaratna Patil said...

Nanda, it wasn't there, but the entire system has been acting, so I've given you the points anyway.