Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Question 518: Black

I don't have time to put any pictures this time so bear with me on this: What is the connection between the number 666
fat bald men
Emma Watson
book Liza of Lambeth?


Alistair Crowley our favorite FAT BALD Satanist. He was well known for his love of the number 666, witchcraft(Emma Watson), and when old W.Somerset Maugham(Liza of Lambeth) met him hes was so disturbed that he wrote a book called the Magician in which the antagonist( Oliver Haddo ) happens to be directly inspired by Crowley.


Archimonde said...

Lambeth Bridge:

Its 666 metres in length
It featured in the prisoner of azkaban as well as the book liza of lambeth
does the fat bald men have anything to do with the shrubs in the shape of cyclists?

Siddarth Pai said...

Lambeth bridge
666m in length
was shown in HP

The Reformation Chronicles said...

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