Saturday, February 12, 2011

Question 523: It is ON!

These three pictures connect to a rather enterprising man.
Explain your answer.


Aristotle Sokratis Onassis - enterprising man

Married Jacqueline Kennedy (pic 1) on his private island Skorpios(pic 3).
Was a shipping magnate(hence pic 2)
Pic two was Christina O,
one of the world's longest private motor yachts at 325 feet 3 inches, named after his daughter.


appuchin said...

jacquelline kennedy, skorpio islands are named after her and aristotle onassis-a shipping manate

Archimonde said...

The connect is Aristotle Onassis the late shipping magnate.

Pic 1: The relevant person is Jacqueline Kennedy who married Onassis after JFK was assassinated.

Pic 2: Thats Onassis' yacht "Christina"

Pic 3: Thats a pic of the Scorpios island owned by Onassis

Debashish Maity said...

The answer is Aristotle Onassis
1)1st picture shows jacqueline kennedy who married Aristotle onassis after the death of John F Kennedy
2)2nd picture is of the world-famous yacht "Christina" which belonged to him.
3)3rd picture is of Skorpios Island which was also owned by him.

Siddarth pai said...

Aristotle onasis
Married Jackie o
Bought the worlds biggest yacht naming it the Curitiba o, after his daughter and wife respectively
And the island skorpios, here they got married

The question name and first pic would have sufficed you know

abhimanyu said...

aristotle socrates onnassis...shipping mangnate....jackie kennedy's husband after jfk.....probably owned the island or something.....

keyree10 said...

Aristotle Onassis.
Married JFK's widow at his private island Skorpios (third pic). He also owns the ship "Christina" (second pic).

madafterknowledge said...

Aristo Onassis ! He married JFK's widow and the pic shows his yacht! No clue about the third though !

Pi.R.Square said...

Aristotle Onasis
his boat Chritina O, His Wife jackie O, The Island Skorpios which he owns also marrid Jackie O there