Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Question 548: I don't have the money, honey

ID the following people for a point each (5 if you get them all), but they have an unbelievable binding context - their work has, together, defined the adolescence of an entire generation of kids.

Adolescence (from Latinadolescere meaning "to grow up")[1] is a transitional stage of physical and mental human development generally occurring between puberty and legal adulthood (age of majority),[1][2] but largely characterized as beginning and ending with the teenage stage.

Give me the context for 5 points. Adolescence has nothing to do with it, but this context can definitely still ruin yours as well.


GTA Vice City Voice Actors

Ray Liotta as Tommy Vercetti
William Fitchtner as Ken Rosenerg
Dany Trejo as Umberto Robina
Jenna Jameson as Candy Suxxx (has the biggest picture because it's hard to fit her in, otherwise - limited margin widths on the blog. You know how it is...)


Archimonde said...

1. Ray Liotta
2. Danny Trejo
3. William Fitchner
4. Jenna Jameson

Connect: Celebrity voices in Grand Theft Auto

Rohan Danait said...

Danny Trejo, Jenna Jameson, William Finchter dunno the connect

Pi.R.Square said...

Tommy Vercetti voiced by Ray LIotta
Ken Rosenberg by BIll Fitchener
The cuban warlord, robina, by Dany Trejo
Candy Suxxx by jenna jameson

Connect is voice characters of vice city

Ameya said...

ray iotta william fichtner danny trejo jenna jameson

Siddarth Pai said...

Ray LIotta as Tomym Vercetti
BIll Fitchener as the lawyer, rosenerg
Dany Trejo as some cuban guy
jenna jameson as candy suxxx, you need to kill her gimp or something

GTA voice actors

manish hn said...

william ficther...something like that
danny trejo
jenna jameson
all are voice actors for grand theft auto

prats said...

ray liotta

william fichtner

danny trejo

jenna jameson

all of them have voiced charachters on gta vice city

Nagaratna said...

i don't have the money sonny
gta voice actors
danny trejo - cuban warlord
jenna jameson - candy suxx
ray liota - tommy verceti
william fitchner - ken rosenberg

Zonu said...

ohhh i know this
the voices from gta vice city
danny trejo
jenna jameson as candy suxx, had an american bikini (why does she have the biggest picture)
ray liota as tommy v soemthing
will fitchner, who was in the longest yard

Anonymous said...

Creditors have better memories than debtors.