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Question 602 e: The Phrince

Cultivation of ___X___ may have preceded apple culture, and many references translated to "apple", such as the fruit in Song of Solomon, may have been to a __X__. Among the ancient Greeks, the  __X__ was a ritual offering at weddings, for it had come from the Levant with __X___ and remained sacred to her. _____reports that a Greek bride would nibble a __X__ to perfume her kiss before entering the bridal chamber, "in order that the first greeting may not be disagreeable nor unpleasant"

Ibn Al Qayyam wrote that "When the _________ is broiled, it will become softer and milder. When one removes the ____________, stuffs them with honey, dips them in a paste and then broil them under hot ashes, they will become very beneficial. The best way to eat the ___________ is broiled or cooked in honey."

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So here we provide step by step procedure _______ preserve in your kitchen.
  • 1. Wash the , cut them carefully, they are hard & you need pressure on the knife, be careful to safeguard your fingers.
  • 2. Remove the seeds & do not throw them,_______ is an expensive medicine; you may eat them later by boiling in milk.
  • 3. Now take the sliced fruit over the stove, add some water
  • 4. Boil for 45 minutes & the fruit will tender with heat, now smash properly with a wooden spoon.
  • 5. Add honey (for 4 kg __________, add 1 kg honey).
  • 6. To add a preservative, add 100 ml of pure home-made vinegar.
  • 7. Boil again unless the fruit, honey & vinegar homogenize & you have a beautiful, crimson colored quince preserve.
  • 8. To make it softer; I take the preserve to my blender & apply the pulse for 5 minutes, but it is not necessary.
  • 9. Keep the preserve refrigerated.
That is all; your ____ preserve is ready to repair the damaged heart. تجم الفؤاد means that _________ pleases / strengthens the heart, & opens the coagulation (if available). والطخاء للقلب is meant for darkness, like clouds or a sand storm cover the clear sky which is then un-seen, so_______ will do the same job for the heart, it will remove blockage & the heart will be clear & healthy Insha'Allah.


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peter quince, the carpenter, borrows his name from this fruit.

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