Monday, December 20, 2010

Question 444: When we last saw nelly on the telly (WENT UNCRACKED) [ MY OWN MOTHER CRACKED THIS ONE, im serious. By just seeing 444 and the crane]

Connect the 2 pictures, along with the question (choose which part), to arrive at 2 answers:

1) What has been blanked out in picture 2?
2) How is all this connected? ( a person name's will suffice)



Siddarth Pai said...

This question actually went uncracked

pic 1 denotes 2 cranes standing on 1 leg

pic 2 is the cricket phone by Samsung

So ITs obviously something to do with cricket

The question number is 444, A Nelson figure, for which umpire David Shepherd would always stand on 1 leg, lik the crane


1) Cricket
2) David Shepherd or Admiral Nelson, after whom the Nelson figure was named (any multiple of 111, like 222, 333, 444)
Because he lost 1 leg, 1 hand and an eye during the battle of trafalgar