Friday, April 22, 2011

Question 604: In Russia No More

__X__ is now ubiquitous, but way back in the mid-throes of the last century, this four kilogram plywood-enforced hybrid had one simple design principle - there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Borrowing heavily from its predecessors, its popularity soared after demonstrations by its proponents.

In a decade, it soon became Russia's biggest export; after suicidal novelists, caviar and vodka. It would work in all environments, and proved to be so reliable that even children use it today.

A patent on its manufacture was only approved in 1999, but __X__ is so much in demand that it is now almost impossible to clamp down on all unlicensed production. __X__ has made its way onto a nation's flag, and another's coin. Its cultural relevance has made it stand out as both a freedom fighter's symbol as well as a general "sticking it to the Man" symbol. It has its own museum, inaugurated in 2004 as Russia's homage to it.

Not related to X, but couldn't resist.

Name __X__.

ANSWER: The AK-47 or the Kalashnikov


Siddarth Pai said...

automatic kalshnikov
mozambique is the country with the flag if memeory serves

manish hn said...

avtomatik kalashnikov 47

Anonymous said...

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Красивый сайт! Все красиво сделано.

Pi.R.Square said...

kalashnikov weapon
AK 47
on the flag of mozambique
their parliament elected to keep it on
silver coins by new zealand and russia have been issued

Pi.R.Square said...

sent in ym guest question