Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Question 544: On the Pav Droll

I really couldn't resist posting this one!
Quite obviously a parody.
Have fun!! XD

Id X and Y ! :D

As expected.
But still, couldn't resist it
X is the legendary Dog that was utilized by Pavlov for his experiment
Y is the drooling pervert himself, Ivan Pavlov


Nanda said...

Classical conditioning.
Pavlov's dog and Ivan Pavlov

Archimonde said...

X-Pavlov's dog :D

Siddarth Pai said...

let me guess
pavlov's dog
and the great pavlov himself
he had a beard by the way

Pi.R.Square said...

Pavlov's Dog
& Pavlov himself
easy, but nice pic.

Bence said...

Pavlov's Dog and Pavlov

manish hn said...

x=pavlovs dog

Anonymous said...

Pavlov's dog