Friday, May 6, 2011

Question 627: Aren't bets just an absolute b*tch?

They really are dreadful things. REALLY.
Anyway, onto the question:

Smug much?

Poor chap didn't realise what he was getting into

Graph. Wheee.

Tell me who these two gentlemen are and put funda.


Julian Simon and Paul R. Ehrlich

They are known for the Simon-Ehrlich wager where they bet on the future of the prices of the 5 commodities in the graph.


Rohan Danait said...

The Simon Ehrlch wager and the graph showing the trend of price of the 5 metals etc...

Pi.R.Square said...

simon ehrlich bet
julian simon & paul ehrich

about whether prices would increase or not
grpah is of commodity prices

ehrlich lost

miami_maiden said...

paul ehrlich and julian simon...these guys bet upon the prices of commodity metals..julian simon won the bet as shown in the graph, the prices of metals decilned thru the decade..hence reason for the smug!!