Monday, May 16, 2011

Question 639: Go ogle yourself

A series of ads released by google image search to spread awareness of google's omniscience, and arrogance.
But still, they do have good ads

ID the person was searching for in each ad.


Pi.R.Square said...

jet leg/ jet lag



nice ads though by google

Pi.R.Square said...

kindly update the scores
its been since question 620 that it hsn't been updated
thats long

Pi.R.Square said...

since the trojan hoes question
update them soon
you'e released answers till 629
thats 10 questions
100 points

Pi.R.Square said...

put up the right answers for the old posts

madafterknowledge said...

1) Jet-lag (mistaken as jet-leg)
2) Battleship (mistaken as battle-sheep)
3) Astronaut (mistaken as astro-nut)

Lol ! Fantastic Question !

miami_maiden said...

jetlag as opposed to jetleg...
battleship as opposed to battlesheep...
astronaut as oppposed to astronut...
yeah...ROFL indeed...(haughty google)