Monday, June 6, 2011

Question 655: Hewlett Packard( No, not the answer)

Iconic in every sense.
Explain the pic and its significance :)


Madan said...

this series of photos showed that the horse gallops with all 4 feet off the ground.

Rohan Danait said...

Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, a set of consecutive pictures which led to the development of motion pictures. Courtesy of Eadweard (what a fucked up way to spell Edward :P) Muybridge

Anonymous said...

John Issacs first pics of how a horse runs , all taken on different cameras , this is the first motion sequence captured on film and explained how a horse ran.


Siddarth Pai said...

pics of the 1st motion picture which was used to see if all the legs of the horse were in the air as a horse ran

Anonymous said...

First pic that showed that a horse gallops with 4 feet off the ground.
Set the tone for Movies.


Anonymous said...

First Motion Picture, Occident.
- Shrinidhi.