Monday, July 11, 2011

Question 702: All they can do is burn for you...

Who? What?


The Jonas Brothers

They all wear purity rings on their left-hand ring finger
 to signify their vow to abstain from premarital sex.

We're such good boys. Oh yes we are!


arpit said...

The Jonas Brothers Wear Purity Rings

Pi.R.Square said...

the chastity rings worn by the jonas brothers
parodied in many places

St. Jisu said...

Jonah Brothers
Purity Rings
*courtesy- south park

can'tquiztosavemylife said...

stab in the dark - the promise ring episode from southpark featuring jonas brothers??????

Anirban said...

Guess -

The Band Kid Dynamite and The Platinum band made by Novel..

Connect is Dynamite.. invented by Alfred Nobel