Friday, April 30, 2010


All ye sport lovers, give this one a try!
Id the structure and explain the significance of the colours.


Athith- The KIA said...

This is the Allianz Arena.

Allianz Arena is lit up in red when Bayern Munich play, in blue when 1860 Munich play and in white when in use by the German National Team.

Akash said...

Its the Allianz Arena,Munich.
Red - when Bayern Play
Blue - When 1860 Munich play\
white - when Germany Play

Gaurav Radhakrishnan said...

Allianz Arena, home turf of Bayern Munich
Lit up red when Bayern Munich plays.
Lit up blue when 1860 Munich plays.
Lit up white when the German National Team plays. said...

Allianz Arena ... Colours change for Bayern Munich , 1860 Munchen , and the national team ...


pranav said...

Allianz Arena.lit up red when bayen munich play
blue when 1860 munich play and white when the germen national side plays
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Prem Kumar said...

Bayern munich ground
the colors signify the colors of their jersey

Nihar said...

This is The Allianz Arena, home ground of Bayern München and 1860 München

It's red when Bayern play
It's blue when 1860 play
It's white when the German national Team plays.