Thursday, May 27, 2010


Football fever. Yay.
A new governing body for a sport, FIFA, was founded on 21st May, 1904. First president was Robert Guerin.
For the inaugural WC in 1930, Uruguay was chosen as the host nation owing to the fact that they had won the 1928 Olympic Gold and also, the year coincided with the 100th year of  Uruguay's independence.
Explain the following pictures with regard to the finals of the tournament..

Googling's a moral crime!


Athith- The KIA said...

Due to a dispute, a different ball was used in each half, one chosen by each team. Argentina's ball - left, was used for the first half, and Uruguay's ball, right, was used for the second half.

pranav said...

when Uruguay won the first world cup there was this stupid rule of using home and away balls so Uruguay were down by a few goals while using the away balls but after the first half they used the home balls and emerged winners resulting in a great controversy later on

saw this in another quiz hope my ans is right

Gaurav Radhakrishnan said...

Ball number 1: Provided for the first half by Argentina
Ball number 2: Provided for the second half by Uruguay.

mysore said...

argentina ball was used in first half & uruguay ball in the second half.


Anonymous said...

i know.. i read this like a week ago.. disagreement over who should supply the ball, so argentina gave their ball for one half and uruguay; it was in this week's sportstar!!


Nihar said...

Cracked by all