Saturday, June 19, 2010


Identify this legendary aircraft!


Also explain the difference of opinion between these two American states !!
The coins should provide enough of a hint


pranav said...

taking a guess
the two states believe that they the residents of the state had made a model of the airoplane way befor the wright bros

Rohan said...

kitty hawk

mysore said...

'wright flyer'
famous first flight took place in north carolina(kitty hawk)
orville wright was born in ohio--so both north carolina & ohio claim this achievement


Shravan said...

X is Wright Flyer : the fisrt powered aircraft.
Wright brothers developed and designed this flight in Dayton, Ohio; while the site of the first flight was in North Carolina. Both the states fighting for the claim to fame

Anonymous said...

wright flyer....
hte dispute watat both states..claimed tat itwas frm thier...state....

pradyumna kale