Monday, July 19, 2010


Both A and B are very well known in the field of technology.
A has a few key inventions credited to him. The most prominent of them being the ____, of which he was the co-inventor. The other co-inventor was X.
B was also involved in the field of electrical engineering. He and X left the company they were working in and founded another company Y, which is very famous in the corporate world.



Identify A,B and X
Also id the company Y, founded by X and B
This question carries 2 points


pranav said...

a-jack kirby
b-gordon moore

Mihir said...

B-Gordon Moore
A-Robert Noyce
X-Jack Kilby

Mihir said...

A- Jack Kilby
B - Gordon Moore
X - Robert Noyce

mysore said...

jack kilby--integrated circuit chip
noyce & moore--intel


Siddarth Pai said...

A- JAck KIlby
from TI

Integrate Circuit

X- Rober Noyce

B is Gordon Moore

Founded Intel

Rohan said...

A is Jack Kilby who invented calculator and integrated circuit. He founded Texas instruments with Noyce who later found intel with Moore who is B